Incoming Erasmus Exchange students can find application procedure, documents and detailed information below:

Application Process:
Application Deadlines: 
31 July – fall semester
15 December – spring semester

To apply for the Erasmus exchange stay at Eskisehir Osmangazi University, we ask you to provide us with the following:

(Please note that documents that are not filled on a computer will not be accepted)

1. Nomination Letter sent by your institutional Erasmus Office (Can be sent as an e-mail)

2. Application Form with a photo. Please state your accommodation preference on this form. 

           Application Form

3. Learning Agreement (Use the related LA form)

Learning Agreement

Learning Agreement for Traineeship

      Please contact the ESOGU departmental coordinator for a course list and further details. Please click for departmental coordinators list.
    The timetable of the courses will be known only at the beginning of the semester. If some of your courses happen to overlap, you can make changes to the learning agreement within the first two weeks of the semester. 

    For the list of courses offered in English please contact us: 

4. Copy of Passport 

    The scanned version must be sent before arrival via e-mail.  

5. Scanned passport size photo

6. Other Information

Please inform us about the exact date/time of your arrival in Eskisehir that we can make necessary arrangement for your accommodation.  Also, we can arrange a pickup service from the station (bus or train) if you make such a request indicating the exact date/time of arrival in Eskisehir. Please also make contact with our Erasmus Student Club. 

Turkish Language Course:

Incoming Erasmus students can attend Turkish Language Course organized by Turkish Teaching Center (TÖMER) within the campus. Courses at the A1 level are offered without credits and free of charge for the Erasmus Students during their studies in Eskisehir.

Course Registration:

Student Registrations of exchange students are made by Student Affairs Office.  You can get student identification after registration (Please note that you should bring 2 passport size photo with you). Students are taken to the Student Affairs Office by our office.
Students make their final course selections with the help of their departmental Erasmus coordinator upon their arrival. Course registration can be made during the add-drop week, which is in the first week of classes. 


ECTS Grade 


ESOGÜ Local Grade








 Good Excellent



















FF  0.0  Failed 



Students who need to get visa must apply to a Turkish Consulate, generally the one nearest your place of residence.
You are recommended to apply for a visa as soon as you get the acceptance letter, which is issued by ESOGU. The process of getting a visa to Turkey generally varies depending on your country of residence.
Please check the relevant website for visa status:
Foreigners who will study in Turkey should get the residence permit from the nearest local police station upon their arrival in Turkey regardless of the validity of their visa.
ESOGU International Relations Office assists all Incoming Erasmus Students during this procedure.

Residence Permit:

Erasmus students must apply for residence permit at the Immigration Office within one month upon their arrival to Turkey. 
Documents required for registration at the Department of Foreigners are as follows:

  1. Student Certificate: It will be obtained from our Erasmus Office.
  2. One “Declaration for Residence Permit” form (can be obtained from our Erasmus Office).
  3. Five passport size photos.
  4. Nomination Letter issued by the home university.
  5. Acceptance Letter (in Turkish): It will be provided by our Erasmus Office.
  6. Copy of your passport with visa and ID page (if the entrance stamp is not on the visa page, please also get a copy of the page on which there is this entrance stamp)
  7. 120 TL fee 
  8. Health insurance is obligatory for residential permission. A comprehensive health insurance has to cover both outpatient and inpatient treatment, full medication for the duration of stay. Upon the request of the Immigration Office, health insurance policy must be issued in Turkey. We will assist you to get a health insurance. However, it is highly recommended to get a health insurance to cover your journey.